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  • New Song 'Lili Lili Hozak' By Mehrdad Hidden

    Mehrdad Hidden from Zedbazi has been working hard on a new track that's set to be released this Friday. "Lili Lili Hozak" features Sohrab MJ and is an experimental rap song in the same genre as the group's hit "Tehran Maale Mane". It's dark with many industrial sounds as well as a little bit of dubstep elements. This is Mehrdad's solo track which follows other solo tracks by fellow Zedbazi members Alireza JJ, Sohrab MJ, and Sijal. After this Zedbazi will go back to working on more group projects with Nassim and others.

    Stay tuned for the release of Mehrdad Hidden's track "Lili Lili Hozak" on Friday, December 21st on Avaz Farsi!

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