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  • World Premiere of Moein's New Video 'Tarkam Nakon'

    Avaz Farsi is very proud to present to you legendary superstar Moein's new music video for his new song "Tarkam Nakon". It's a beautifully arranged track featuring live instruments and guitar sound accompanied with Moein's unparalleled and unique voice.

    This will be Moein's first song in a series of many upcoming ones that he has been recording recently. "Tarkam Kon" features music and arrangement by Babak Zarrin and lyrics by Maryam Delshad. The music video is directed by the talented Siros Kerdouni, working for the first time with Moein.

    We'll have this great project for you soon on Avaz Farsi as we will premiere it on Tuesday, December 17th.


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  • Shohreh's New Music Video 'Bargard'

    Shohreh has a new music video that she's finishing up for her yet to be released song "Bargard" by Avang Music. It's a pop track with lyrics by Babak Sahraee, music by Ali Broujerdi, and arrangement by Milad Akbari. The video is directed by Koji and will soon be premiered on Avaz Farsi, stay tuned!


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  • Faramarz Aslani – Vaghti Rafti Video Coming Soon

    the legendary Faramarz Aslani upcoming new project “Vaghti Rafti”

    This is another beautiful song with music and lyrics by Faramarz Aslani himself and arrangement and collabration with the talented Babak Amini. The music video was filmed recently by Amir Soleimani and features great scenery and imagery matching the emotions and lyrics of the song.


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  • Nima Varasteh



    متاسفانه با خبر شدیم ” نیما وارسته ” آهنگساز خلاق ایرانی که آهنگسازی برخی از

    آثار هنرمندانی چون” حمیدعسکری ” ،” بنیامین_بهادری ” ،” سهراب پاکزاد ” را انجام داده است

    به رحمت ایزدی پیوست. از طرف خانواده رآديو‌‌‌ علی این ضایعه را به خانواده ایشان

    و جامعه موسیقی ایران تسلیت عرض میکنیم.

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